An Afghan girl ran away from Ghzani war killed in Kabul explosion

Quella che ormai è nostra amica e corrispondente da Kabul ci ha inviato un duro articolo. L’ennesimo attentato a Kabul, una strage di giovani, studenti, che le famiglie, in gran parte povere, cercavano di strappare ad un destino di miseria e sottomissione. Il Daesh ha di fatto rivendicato l’attacco suicida ma quanto accade ormai quotidianamente in questo splendido paese resta ignorato da un occidente che invece continua a fornire armi, a finanziare governanti corrotti, a funzionare unicamente come forza di occupazione.

Rohina Bawer

Forty eight people have been killed and about seventy injured in a bomb explosion at an education center in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, it has confirmed by the country’s health ministry.

A suicide bomber walked into the center while teaching was under way and detonated his bomb belt.

Many of those killed are believed to be under age of 20 who were getting training as they prepared for university entrance exams.

The Daesh has confirmed involvement in this attack.

Most victims were from poor families. Most of the students came from the provinces to get education from Mawoud center, this year over 160 students from the academy were accepted by the top medical universities. Last year’s top degree also came from the same academy. Their families had sent the children, staying in hostels in Kabul, could pursue a good education as their way out of poverty. For the families, the choice to send their children to the capital has become increasingly hard.

Seventeen years after the American occupation, humanitarian aid fund still powers opportunities for advancement in the cities. But the recent wave of violence has made the cost of those opportunities to be get losing.

Afghanistan people have no believe in the current regime leaders and their dependent security system. This corrupt government cannot able to provide security for their children as they are future of this land.

“Why children have to pay the price? “Said Parents of the students

In the flood of war, killing in every corner of Afghanistan, where human beings breathe. A girl who escaped from war of Ghazni province came to the Kabul for education and deadly explosion get her lives and dreams.

The victim’s families dig grave for their beloved with shovels and pickaxes. The coffins were carried by fellow students or relatives and shouldered by volunteers who had heard the news.

Afghanistan has been struggling for many years in the area of democracy, terrorist government, national terror, assassinations, drugs, and corruption, slaughter of women, children and youths!

The current situation clearly telling us that a new game is starting to play in Afghanistan by imperialist countries; the Russian government hindering their efforts in Afghanistan peace process and has increased its support for the Taliban over the last year. This effort gives the America better pledges on ISIS activity in Afghanistan, with the pivotal role into stop backing the Taliban hereafter.