Farah brucia a primavera

Ringraziamo Rohina Bawer che periodicamente ci  invia i suoi reportage  dal suo paese, l’Afghanistan dilaniato fra il terrore dei “signori della guerra” , delle milizie talebane e dei bombardamenti dei paesi occupanti. In questo breve testo che invitiamo a leggere  con attenzione ci racconta quanto avvenuto nel mese di maggio nella provincia di Farah

by Rohina Bawer

For a long time, Farah has been suffering multiple attacks at the hands of Taliban insurgent groups

The Taliban stormed the city early in the morning on Tuesday 15 of May with first 1000 Taliban who attacked the Farah district, and later 1000 other Taliban jointed the attack.

It has been a long time that Farah province in western Afghanistan has been suffering from the activities of extremist groups. They daily capture young boys from the villages and forcibly recruit them to the Taliban insurgent groups.

With their spring offensive attacks, the Taliban made Farah province a day-long blood bath with their brutality, which included the attacking, killing, looting, torturing and abusing of innocent civilians.

The Farah attack was launched by the gathered groups of Taliban from Herat, Ghor and Zabul provinces.

Farah officials accuse Iran of supporting the Taliban in the province by providing funds and weapons.

The residents of Farah said that Taliban are in Shiba Koh, Pesht Koh districts and Regi area of the city and continue to threaten the security of the city.

Taliban have strongholds In the Pasht-e- koh, Perschman, Balaboluk, Golestan, Khaksafid and several other districts. They are holding mass meetings, open gatherings, and freely practice their arbitrary courts. These Taliban gatherings are never subject to US airstrike, while in the rest of Afghanistan many innocent people have been victims of air strikes daily.

In recent months, Farah province has been the ground of many battles between Afghan security forces and Taliban insurgents. These criminals have transformed the homes of the people into their own strongholds, therefore displacing many families.

It is not only Farah who is burning in the fire of savage Taliban insurgents, but there are horrific security disasters throughout all of Afghanistan.

As long as the foreign occupation and their warlords dominated the Afghan land, not only the situation will improve, but also, we will witness more catastrophic days than this. Only struggle and people’s resistance can change the situation of Afghans.


Written by Rohina Bawer