Under warlords’ rule Solidarity Party of Afghanistan celebrates International Women’s Day

Un 8 marzo particolare, che raccontiamo solo ora, celebrato a Kabul fra donne e uomini che  non si arrendono. Una giornata di lotta che ci riguarda e da cui forse dobbiamo anche imparare. Ringraziamo l’autrice

by Rohina Bawer

Solidarity Party of Afghanistan (SPA) is one of the few political forces that works with all people and ethnic groups of the country. This party celebrated International Women’s Day in Kabul with the following slogans: “awareness and mobilization are the only ways for Afghan women’s emancipation” and “liberty of society lies on liberty of women”.  This party stated that a few symbolic women who are members of a puppet regime serving foreigners and criminal warlords, were given money and cannot represent all miserable Afghan women. An Afghan Independent country will come true along with the struggle of women and men of this country.  To break the chain of oppression, political awareness of Afghan women is essential, and can defeat Islamic fundamentalists from this land.

Selay Ghaffar, spokesperson of Solidarity party of Afghanistan (SPA) stated: “Afghanistan is a country that had more news and talks about freedom of women and ending violence against women than any other country in the world.  In the past 17 years of US invasion, women have been used as a tool in order to hide their conservative, tyrannical and dishonest agenda to deceive Afghan people.

It’s too difficult for the Afghan women to attain justice from a corrupt and unprofessional legal system they often do not understand. How not to get stuck in the bureaucracy of the notorious Afghan governmental courts? Moreover, impunity has been a serious issue in Afghanistan. 17 years have passed from the establishment of the new government, yet the government has not become strong enough to punish the perpetrators of violence against women and in most of the cases the perpetrators run free.

On the 19th March 2015, Furkhonda Malikzai, a 27-year-old woman, was beaten, killed and burned few kilometers far from the presidential palace in the presence of hundreds of people and police. Although civil society organizations and the media started a significant campaign to punish the perpetrators of the murder, the men behind the heinous crime are running free.

Rukhshana, 19-year-old, had been stoned to death after being accused of eloping with a man in order to get married. Rukhshana’s brutal killing was the breaking news and headline of civil societies’ advocacy efforts for a few months; after that it started being ignored again by both civil societies and government, which demonstrates how the impunity of perpetrators in Afghanistan’s lawless provinces is horrifyingly pervasive.

Afghan women are in a worst situation today than they used to be under the dark rule of the Taliban. Women who are economically dependent on the violent family members, never report the abuse.  Few Afghan women that do seek help avoid going to the formal court system and prefer more traditional ways of solving the conflict, which outcomes in most cases end for the man’s benefit.

After years of fights from Afghan women’s rights activists and international organizations, there have been scarce improvements. Despite widespread horrifying types of violence against women, many perpetrators are still running free.

Afghan people cannot expect to build justice and heal their pain through a puppet regime which is itself a collection of the most deadly opponents of women and humanity.

At the end of SPA program a play was shown about a brave woman by the name of Bebe Gul who had lost her six sons by a killer Gulbaddin Hakmatyar: he and his fighters brutally bombed Kabul during the civil war in 1992. He continued to kill thousands of people, also causing massive physical and infrastructural damages from 2001, lasting until now.  Afghans never forget their past, including the shelling and atrocities of Hezb-e-Islami. To build peace without justice has no meaning, and currently many Afghan civilians are killed because of suicide attacks in public areas caused by Hekmatyar and his fighters.

Peace can never come true without bringing justice to the victim’s families from 1992 until now. Solidarity Party of Afghanistan has many supporter among Afghan people and believes in an independent country with freedom and other humanitarian values. The struggle of women along with men can be effective in eliminating violence and discrimination against women.