Emancipation of Afghan women lies on their own struggle and political awareness!

Riceviamo e pubblichiamo un interessante contributo da Kabul relativo alla condizione di vita e di lotta delle donne  afghane. Si tratta di un pezzo di storia di un paese che non conosce pace, in cui si continua a soffrire ma in cui la forza e la determinazione di chi non si rassegna – ne siamo sicuri – costruirà prima o poi un Afghanistan diverso

Rohina Bawer

In a country located in center of the Asia has been considered as an important geopolitical country that has in history attracted many invasions and wars towards itself has been ignored so far from the humanitarian rights crisis.

Yet the country culture today is so foreign of the humanitarian basic rights. In such country, male dominated and the population of the women in the country constitutes more than men but the most deprived considered are the women. It is very serious issue in fact to analyze the very accurate details of the women living conditions in the country. As per estimated figures by UNHCR today in Afghanistan more than 3 million women are widows and to realize the fact that male are the only desirable cultural preferred option for the economic support of the Afghan families which women expected to only stay indoors. Often based on the country culture, a woman would give the birth to at least 8 children in a lifetime, and to add that all of these women without a male support will be needed to look out for an income that creates their so miserable journey from here on. Because Afghan society will open doors of little opportunities of work that might exist in the corrupt and unstable market for male first and women will be regarded illiterate and with lesser values than a male.

However in war-torn country such of Afghanistan women have experienced the regime that empowered women and guaranteed them the rights to education and freedom to work. King Amanullah Khan is the example; he brought gender reforms for the Afghan women in 1929.

When Russia invaded Afghanistan in 1979, the number of civilians fleeing the country; abuse, instability, arbitrary detention, kidnapping of politicians, gathering graves and genocide have been increased significantly. The so-called Majahedeen today warlords consisted of various groups who aligned to fight against soviet occupation in the country.

Four decades of war by reign of these heinous misogynists warlord’s deprived Afghan women from equal rights in society and violence and Isolation against women have been increased day by day.

In 2001, Taliban fallen by US-NATO to build a militant anti-Soviet base in Afghanistan and alleged women rights as justification of the occupation, It is obvious, that their purpose is not there to liberate Afghan women.

Moreover, despite Women rights have been a prominent feature of international communities since the post-Taliban regime and the current government still women unaware of their basic rights and have little access to education.

In December of Last year, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has reported that Afghanistan has ranked 152 out of 155 countries determined in the gender inequality. Despite the shocking nature of the statistics in the report, it cannot in any way express the true status of Afghan women; certainly, hundreds of oppressed women are far from being included of such reports.

Violence against women truly comes to an end when their rights need to be practice and participation in society must be secured and recognized the importance of women and girls at the country decision making.

There is a lot to be done for the equality in to practice and women’s rights to become a reality in the afghan community.

Every 30 minutes, an Afghan woman dies during child birth. 93 percent of Afghan women are illiterate, 30 percent of girls have access to education, 1 in every 3 Afghan women experience physical, psychological and sexual violence and more than 80 percent of women experience violence in their daily lives and lack of access to basic health, education and justice services in the other hand lawmaking institution services have been systematically dominated by male who compete against gender equity.  The current warlord’s government believes that women do not have the capacity to engage in politics with such ingredients which don’t have any political will to promote women’s rights in the country therefore, Afghan women have long road to pace and reach to equality.

This endless bloodshed war increased violation against human rights and made the Afghan land to be center of nuclear war, the mother of all bombs (MOAB) dropped in Achin district and drop over 5000 bombs each year in to Afghan villages to kill few innocent Afghan women and children.

Afghan women are burning in inferno of violence and tyranny of conservative culture, extremist groups and jihadist warlords that are supported by imperialist countries. Therefore, Afghan women must fight for a society that women are grown, most from grass root functioned in the public arena without family pressures, traditional attitudes and religious opposition.