16 years after the US military intervention, is there still a place for human rights in Afghanistan?

Rohina Bawer

Notorious warlords and their vice rings who have gripped strong hold over government as a result the US invasion still continue to grossly violate human rights in particular women’s rights.

No one really cares about human rights; and it becomes important only when to justify the war. Therefore, the war will be never end as long as power remains held by powerful warlords who see their survival by fanning the fire of war and crashing their opponents with fierce fury.

Weak law enforcement and corruption, lack of social services, civil war, political chaos, among other issues are major challengers to imposing basic human rights.

The United States invasion of Afghanistan was based on the notion of “War on terrorism” which has incorporated violation of human rights since the very beginning of war. The US government poured billions of dollars in to this war of which a big chunk grasped by the armed gangs and warlords, therefore the hope to end war and ease the tyranny has faded away more than ever.

Human rights violation in Afghanistan has always been a serious concern where Afghan government fails to establish human rights. Lack of security and impunity of the criminals are the main cause of continuation of human rights violation in Afghanistan.

Human rights activists, in particular have played a fundamental role in attracting the world’s attention toward serious violations happening daily in Afghanistan. The fragile situation of human rights remains threatening for majority of civilians and activists who are often, restricted to function freely in addition to censorship of media, women harassment, laws enforcement, access to justice, freedom of expression, torturing and repression.

The western military intervention was for strengthening the criminals and mafia chains to intensify the conflict and bloodshed in Afghanistan.

The current political situation along with growing Taliban domination contributed to this failure in respect to human rights. The criminals enjoy full impunity that has raised threats to women’s rights and freedom of expression to unprecedented levels today. Civilians causalities as results of 16 years long war in Afghanistan,  even increased more with air strikes and night raids that conducted regularly by NATO forces in Afghan villages.

Human rights will have no real meaning when the nation is not freed. Unity and struggle of freedom lovers cannot change only the oppressed situation of Afghan people undeniably, affects to all countries that are living under war.