Afghan’s burn in the fire of occupation and fundamentalists sovereignty

Dall’Afghanistan continuano a giungerci  notizie di morte e di guerra, di atrocità e di stragi. Eppure i governi  europei continuano a propagandarlo come “paese pacificato” in cui è possibile se non doveroso, rimpatriare  i richiedenti asilo. Le storie che ci racconta la nostra compagna Rohina e che raramente da noi  superano le poche righe di una agenzia stampa, dimostrano il contrario

Rohina Bawer

16-years after the US and NATO troops invaded Afghanistan under umbrella of bringing “democracy” and “women’s rights”, Afghans are still subject to heinous atrocities committed by elements inside and outside the government circle. Unfortunately, the US and allies relied on those factions who had a record of bloody civil war and breaches of human rights in 1990s and thus resulted in forming a fragile government.

Corruption and anarchy within the Afghan government was one of the reasons that took the life of more than 256 soldiers at the base in the headquarters of the 209 Shaheen Corps in Balkh province. The local residents and media pointed to the Corps Commander for being too old to be fit for such a high level job. In fact, this Corps general should have been given retirement long ago, instead he was assigned to this important post because of his political affiliations and ethnicity. And because of his negligence, tens of innocent soldiers paid the price.

The attack on headquarter of the 209 Shaheen corps was the most deadly incident in the last 16 years. Such attacks are mostly targeting civilians. The high rate of illiteracy leaves no option for the Afghan youth but to join the military, despite knowing its deadly risks and used as cannon fodder by the government high officials. Reports indicate that most of these attacks are planned outside the country, but the corruption at higher official posts makes it easy for the terrorists to carry it out in Afghanistan.

The identity of 256 soldiers were killed have been confirmed  from ten provinces,  so far it is confirmed that 68 soldiers  were from Badakhshan, 50 soldiers from Nangarhar, 40 soldiers from Baghlan, 33 from Takhar, 24 from Urozgan 18 from Helmend, 13 from Kunduz, 5 from Samangan, 3 from Kabul and two soldiers from Parwan . All ten insurgents were dressed in full army stuff and managed to gain access on to the base in two army vehicles. They were armed with rocket launchers and AK47 when they attacked to the military base. The people of Afghanistan continue to suffer brutal and unbelievable attacks from last 16 years.  The civilian casualties are increased as a result of suicide bombings and armed clashes in the country. Unprecedented numbers of families lost their breadwinners and their family members are facing with financial problems. People living in the war zones have been killed in their homes, in schools, and on roadways.  They have been killed by bombs, ballots, fire, improvised explosive and drones. In the first quarter of 2017, UNAMA documented 2,181 civilian casualties (715 dead and 1,466 injured), a four per cent decrease compared to the same period in 2016. Anti-Government Elements caused 62 per cent of civilian casualties – 1,353 civilian casualties (447 dead and 906 injured), reflecting a five per cent increase compared to the same period in 2016.  The ground fighting remained the leading cause of civilian causalities to 35 percent as reported by UNAMA. In reality, the conflict has intensified over the past couple of years. To better protect civilians from harm needs concrete measures and immediate action.